Colour Options

Colour Options


Whether your home is classic, contemporary or something in between, our high-quality garage doors come in the perfect colour to complement it. Choose from a wide range of colours starting with classic white and grey and extending to green, blue, black and more.

The different garage doors we have available come in their own ranges of colours. Please see the different sections below to preview the different colours available. Remember that while we have done our best to get these colours as close to reality as possible, the colour you see on your screen may be slightly different from the actual colour of your door. For the best preview, please visit our showroom to see your options in person.

If you have an enquiry or wish to learn more, contact us today.


B&D garage doors come in the fabulous Colorbond steel range. These colours are tested and designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. To learn which garage doors are available with each colour, simply click on your preferred colour. You can also click here to view the entire colour chart or visit the Brochures page of this website.
The genius of the Timber Coat® system from B&D is that it can take a durable steel door and transform it so that it looks like a timber garage door. The colours look wholly natural, and best of all, this is an affordable investment to completely transform your home.

Colour Options

• Jarrah • Merbau • Cedar • Maple • Rosewood • Teak
Every panel that you choose to coat with B&D’s hard-wearing, acrylic resin finish will be entirely unique, as the Timber Coat system mimics the texture and appearance of timber as well as the colour. You’ll be able to enjoy garage doors that are virtually indistinguishable from timber ones at roughly half the cost.

These savings extend throughout the life of the product. Not only do you pay less than you would for real timber doors, you will also enjoy low maintenance. The steel doors don’t warp, split or splinter as timber ones would. There is no need for regular refinishing or resealing, and they stand up wonderfully to the elements.

The Timber Coat system is available for Panelift and Panelmasta sectional doors. Currently, it cannot be used on doors with windows. Please contact us to learn more.
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Match your outdoor fixtures and furniture by choosing the high-quality wood finish of the Knotwood Range for your garage door. It’s as low-maintenance and durable as steel, but has the look and feel of textured timber. Knotwood truly offers the best of both worlds.
This stylish, contemporary range of finishes boasts timeless appeal. Enjoy the shimmering effects that change as the sun tracks across the sky. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the Luxe Design range keeps its colour even in harsh Australian conditions. You’ll enjoy this beautiful finish for years to come.
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